eLearning Manager Problem-Solving and Morphological Analysis

Managing eLearning

Using Morphological Analysis to Solve Complex eLearning Problems

As an eLearning manager, you are required to confront and resolve complex problems on a daily basis. Each new project presents its own unique set of issues and considerations, but there are common issues that crop up:

  • Do you hire additional full-time employees or do you outsource any of your content development for the project?
  • Do you compensate SMEs?
  • How much time should you allocate to analysis of underlying issues?
  • What is the appropriate cost-per-minute that needs to be allocated in the budget for the project to fulfill its ultimate objectives?
  • Are there any LMS-related issues that need to be addressed?

As you attempt to answer these questions, every next piece of unique information adds complexity to the equation. The correct answer for one project may not be suitable at all for the needs of the next client. In other words, you…

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